06 Data Protection
and Business Continuity

With growing cyber security threats and a scattered workforce - data protection and ensuring business continuity has real business implications. In the current scenario, organizations are waking up to the idea that firewalls and antivirus software will not do the job and that a comprehensive multi-headed approach is required to ensure data safety and safeguard the enterprise against any downtime.

AMP Connect partners with your team to tackle this hand in hand beginning with an extensive study of your existing operation and identifying potential gaps. We are determined to minimize all forms of downtime be it caused by power outages, cyber-attacks or human error, by putting in place a solution that can cater to your organization's specific requirements and safeguard against avoidable revenue loss.

When every aspect of your business operation and production entirely depends on your data, nothing is more important than preparedness to tackle any data security threats. Our elaborately devised solutions are capable of managing all data security, backup and recovery-related issues and maintaining seamless business continuity.

Our solution process and advantages

  • Assessment and discovery of shortcomings
    A detailed audit of the existing backup and operations in place is done to indicate any and all shortcomings and uncover potential risks. The comprehensive threat analysis of all data activity alongside the identification and classification of sensitive data and handling protocols enables us to devise a business continuity strategy.
  • Implementation of optimized data solution
    Based on the comprehensive assessment, we at APM enable you to optimize your data protection and business continuity solution for your customer requirement. We ensure that the data protection, backup and replication principles are diligently applied to eliminate risks that may potentially cause your business revenue.
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