01 Industrial IT and OT
Network Solutions

As the tech world, across the globe, goes through a digital revolution, IoT solutions have emerged as the key enabler to higher productivity, sustainable growth and industry innovation. Businesses irrespective of their sizes, domains and operational verticals, now rely on IoT partners to set them up on a path toward becoming agile, well-orchestrated enterprises that can sustain themselves within the radically transforming digital ecosystem.

At AMP Connect we offer easily deployable IoT solutions to our partners that help them stay ahead of the curve. With the help of our specialized services and solutions catering to the entire IoT development lifecycle from initial conceptualization to the actual design and development to the final deployment and other aspects, we help organizations realize their boundless potential.

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02 Cyber

In modern organizational ecosystems, cyber security is of paramount importance. The deep implications of a cyber attack which may lead to devastating financial effects, major data breaches, application downtimes and effects on the business reputation of any enterprise is a real threat today. As every organization with a digital presence is under the ever-evolving threat of a cyber attack, we at AMP Connect provide our clients with end to end IT security tools, services and solutions; right from security posture assessment, vulnerability testing to enhancing security and limiting the risk of an attack and finally minimizing consequences of such an attack, if it were to occur.

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03Analytics, AI
and Automation

As the world becomes more and more interconnected, data becomes the single most important asset, which will have astronomical impacts on all businesses worldwide. Artificial intelligence allows for the derivation of meaningful conclusions and patterns to help enterprises make use of this data. Combined with automation, AI and data analytics today are critical for businesses to achieve efficient and speedy growth and sustain those results.

With our comprehensive and competitive A3 triad i.e Analytics, AI and Automation, solutions and services, we help our partners achieve a level of efficiency and quality that can propel their business into a whole new realm.

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In a cutthroat, IT world, cost-efficiency, increased productivity and reliability and global scalability become the cornerstones to the success of an organization and cloud computing services play a significant role within that narrative. We at AMP Connect, provide our partners with a competitive edge by providing them with best-in-class cloud solutions and services.

Network, servers, databases and storage among others are some of the areas, tools and services that we at AMP Connect provide our cloud network solutions partners. As a one-stop for all your cloud services, we ensure world-class cloud assistance with tailor-made solutions to fit your particular requirements and help you accelerate your journey towards a future-proof business.

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05Network and Datacenter

Today’s ever-changing organizational landscape with massive technological innovations creates opportunities as it does risks. The growing need to scale up and the microservices architecture subsequently catering to that need often leads to increasing complexities. With the expanding number of users and devices and the highly volatile security and compliance challenges; the demand for a network architecture that can keep up with the newest demands of contemporary businesses, adapt and support rapidly changing devices, applications and users is at its peak.

AMP Connect partners with leading organizations to provide network solutions that can cater to modern enterprise. Our networking solutions streamline and align with the needs of your organization to drive optimal business outcomes.

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06Data Protection
and Business Continuity

With growing cyber security threats and a scattered workforce - data protection and ensuring business continuity has real business implications. In the current scenario, organizations are waking up to the idea that firewalls and antivirus software will not do the job and that a comprehensive multi-headed approach is required to ensure data safety and safeguard the enterprise against any downtime.

AMO Connect partners with your team to tackle this hand in hand beginning with an extensive study of your existing operation and identifying potential gaps. We are determined to minimize all forms of downtime be it caused by power outages, cyber-attacks or human error by putting in place a solution that can cater to your organization's specific requirements and safeguard against avoidable revenue loss.

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