01 Industrial IT and OT Network Solutions

As the tech world, across the globe, goes through a digital revolution, IoT solutions have emerged as the key enabler to higher productivity, sustainable growth and industry innovation. Businesses irrespective of their sizes, domains and operational verticals, now rely on IoT partners to set them up on a path toward becoming agile, well-orchestrated enterprises that can sustain themselves within the radically transforming digital ecosystem.

At AMP Connect we offer easily deployable IoT solutions to our partners that help them stay ahead of the curve. With the help of our specialized services and solutions catering to the entire IoT development lifecycle from initial conceptualization to the actual design and development to the final deployment and other aspects, we help organizations realize their boundless potential.

We here at AMP Connect are dedicated to creating valuable insights that can be beneficial in your business’s journey towards becoming a future-ready organization. This is possible with expertise in enabling organizations deliver IoT offerings that will allow you to rapidly capitalize and adapt to the acquired data from connected devices and derive tangible meanings.

Our IoT service offerings

  • Facilitating IoT Consulting and Defining
    We offer our support for your consulting services where our team of experts join hands with you to conduct a thorough study of the customer business to derive requirements and needs. We then proceed to define the necessary IoT landscape that will fit the current scenario while accommodating for future growth cycles.
  • Platform Development
    With the identification of pain points, we enable our partners to develop exclusive, intelligent, custom IoT platforms which are cost-efficient. With multi-tenancy we are also able to provide over-the-air (OTA) firmware updates for our IoT partners.
  • Custom Product Development
    With our long-term expertise in creating IoT products for industries such as manufacturing, health care, logistics, transportation and retail we are able to custom design, develop and implement smart products from end to end.
  • Application Management and Product Sustenance
    To accommodate the evolving business needs and to ensure a sustainable operation, we equip our partners in IoT management services. From troubleshooting and technical support to customization of IoT products and hotfixes to security management we provide a full stack of services.
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