01 Data Center Products

Fujitsu is your single point of contact for setting up a distributed IT infrastructure that stretches from edge to core to cloud. Fujitsu combines its own server and storage technologies with networking and software products from strategic partners to build complete IT solutions for a hybrid cloud world. Comprehensive consultative, implementation and support services ensure that customers complete this transformation smoothly and successfully. Pay-per-use options enable a cloud-like payment scheme also for on-premises and private cloud environments.

02 Network Solutions

As a leading provider of digital transformation solutions for network operators, service providers and content providers, Fujitsu combines best-in-class hardware, software and services with multivendor expertise. Their network solutions enable cost savings, faster service delivery and better network performance.

5G Networks

Fujitsu's open, integrated 5G network solutions meet connectivity needs for Public 5G and Private 5G networks. Their end-to-end portfolio includes O-RAN compliant radios; virtualized baseband (CU/DU); network automation software; systems integration; optical and packet transport; and maintenance and support programs.

Open Networks

Fujitsu open network solutions prove the rewards of the open ecosystem in multiple ways: improving efficiency in network operations and management; simplifying maintenance; speeding up service delivery; and enabling new service offerings. Today's network platforms are complex and tend to be tightly coupled, proprietary, and

Data Center Interconnect

Data centers and cloud services are the heart of digital transformation. The content-rich, self-service, on-demand multimedia network consumes, creates, and transmits staggering amounts of data, all of it stored in data centers. Data Center Interconnect (DCI) solutions from Fujitsu deliver the economy, speed, capacity, and reach needed for high-volume, high-integrity transport between data centers.

Next-Generation Networks

Every business must transform itself to thrive, but the communications network industry is making an unprecedented journey of change for vendors and service providers alike. The right kind of change demands the right kind of preparation, and a commitment to long-term, planned changes. By co-creating network solutions with customers, Fujitsu helps them ensure every step forward is the right step for their unique needs and resources.

Optical Networks

The 1FINITY Ultra Optical System incorporates the latest ROADM and transponder technologies. With the 1FINITY Ultra Optical System, more is less. More wavelengths per fiber, more bits per wavelength — less effort to install, operate and maintain the network, and less power consumed per bit transported.

03 Hybrid Cloud Solutions

Enabled by hybrid cloud, digital resilience - the ability for organizations to rapidly adapt to business disruptions - is a core enabler of modern digital business. It’s seen as the key to a successful, agile, scalable and sustainable business future. Fujitsu hybrid cloud is the next step in your business evolution to build a digitally resilient enterprise that’s protected against any uncertainty.

In this new connected world, a strong and resilient digital infrastructure foundation will be required for close collaboration - enabled by Hybrid IT, Multi-Cloud Services and emerging technologies such as AI. Fujitsu is enabling a new future with resilient IT infrastructure that’s agile, scalable and secure. Utilizing resilient IT services, Hybrid IT Solutions and a wide-ranging portfolio of emerging technologies such as High-Performance Computing, Fujitsu enables enterprise digital transformation that delivers end-to-end connection and powerful data insights to drive sustainability and operational excellence.

04 Consumption-based IT

Fujitsu uSCALE delivers flexible, on-premises IT infrastructures “as-a-service” solution via monthly consumption-based billing based on actual usage. Customers can benefit from an IT solution that precisely focuses on their specific needs, saves investment costs, enables dynamic growth, and realises faster time to value. Fujitsu uSCALE for workplace is an all-in-one hardware, software and service solution bundled to a fixed monthly payment.


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