01 Network Solutions

Network and server racks represent the backbone and basis of any IT installation – from single rack applications to a fully configured data center. Even though the main focus during operation is on active components such as servers, switches, storage systems and UPS solutions, rack systems provide a stable environment for sensitive electronics components.

Finding the right IT rack

The 19-inch rack should always be geared to the existing or planned cooling. Whether room climate control, a double floor or rack/bayed climate control, Rittal has the ideal rack for your application. The product portfolio extends from frameless designs for optimum accessibility all the way through to full racks with dust and water protection for harsh industrial environments.

Accessories with a brain – intelligent accessories that enable quick and easy selection

Besides the cooling used, air routing in your network rack is also extremely important in ensuring components do not overheat. Poor cable routing can disrupt the air circulation in the rack and the smooth operation of your installed equipment. Use the Network Cable Organizer for optimum cable routing in racks. It offers eight times faster assembly than conventional patch cabling and rounds off the modular system together with a large number of other intelligent accessories.

Flexible socket system and comprehensive monitoring

Each and every active component needs to be supplied with electricity. If the energy consumption is low, simple basic power distribution is sufficient. If you wish to monitor energy requirements and specifically control output sockets for each busbar so as to lower consumption levels, however, you should opt for intelligent power distribution. Rittal offers you a wide choice when it comes to the optimum power supply for your components and the associated monitoring operations. In most cases, sensitive components require certain access and protection mechanisms. To ensure an immediate alarm in the event of deviations from the parameters set, experts recommend an autonomous monitoring system.

The CMC III monitoring system sets new standards with regard to configuration and reduced system complexity. It can communicate with various sensors and actuators via the integrated CAN bus and can be integrated into standard DCIM systems.

02 Data Center Container

Modular data centers in containers are the perfect, scalable solution - whether individually for SME, cloud and Edge applications, or as preconfigured data center solutions.

Growing data volumes and escalating requirements often lead to space problems in existing IT environments. Container solutions suitable for outdoor siting are one possible solution for this kind of Big data applications.

These container solutions are delivered pre-assembled, and can be up and running in next to no time. The spectrum ranges from pure IT containers, through to complete all-in-one systems containing the entire physical IT infrastructure, from the rack, to climate control, power supply with a powerful UPS system, through to complete monitoring and, at the customer’s request, an effective fire extinguisher system.

RiMatrix IT Container:

Ready-to-connect IT infrastructure in a robust container shell offers standardised IT modules in a range of output categories for SME, cloud and Edge applications.

RiMatrix Power Container:

Modular UPS systems with redundancies to supply one or more IT modules.

RiMatrix Cooling Container:

Efficient recooling systems in a container frame, ready-to-connect and system-tested with redundant chillers with integral free cooler or additional external free cooler, plus network functions.

03 Edge Data Center

The digital transformation signifies a radical change and the production world will never be the same again. Industry 4.0 and mobile data offer new possibilities, because sensors, actuators, equipment and robots are networked so as to communicate with the central production control system and also with each other. Large volumes of data (about the production process and the infrastructure of the production environment) are generated that need to be kept available and processed quickly.

Big Data - complex data, quickly evaluated!

Flexible, modular and decentralised IT solutions are vital where this data is created. A short latency (response time) is essential to respond faster to deviations, which means it makes little sense to process such data in an external cloud data center.

This is where Edge Data Centers come in, combining short latencies with the ultimate in computing power and reliability. Edge Data Centers are also available as a fully virtualised private cloud. The customer is able to take care of administration itself or make use of managed services.

Flexible and quickly ready to use.

The Rittal Edge Data Center is a platform for quickly developing an IT environment that can be used flexibly in any other IT environment. The assemblies are available in various output classes and can be combined into a ready-to-use solution in no time at all. That means companies get a data center far faster – with optimum operating efficiency for your particular data center.

You can choose between solutions with 2, 4, 6 or 8 racks. Both the predefined components for power supply, cooling, IT security and monitoring and the cover for your Edge Data Center can be selected as options.

The range extends from a basic cover all the way through to an IT security room or a container for a flexible choice of location.

04 Modular Data Center

When it comes to your data centre, you want a future that’s predictable. Rittal’s complete solution for your IT infrastructure covers all output categories, is individually configurable, and is easily tailored to your operating conditions.

Customisable micro data centre solutions

Advancing digitalisation in many areas is leading to the emergence of new data types and magnitudes. Across all industries, be it the automotive sector, the energy industry or the manufacturing sector, unprecedented volumes of data are being generated and must be filtered and aggregated close to the source to enable them to be used effectively in real time. This has prompted the recent trend for in-house micro data centres.

At the periphery (“edge”) of the network, micro data centres process data with short latencies so that it can be used in almost real time. Forget remote, centralised data centres and retain control over your data. What’s more, micro data centres are designed to accommodate entire IT infrastructures, e.g. in government administrations and supermarkets. By functioning as a data centre, a Micro Data Center can also be used to back-up your data.

All-in-one: The complete OT solution for your IT infrastructure: Prompted by the trend towards decentralization, Rittal has devised a new type of data centre. RiMatrix Micro Data Centers offer globally standardised, complete OT solutions to meet your requirements, including those in the edge sector. They cover all output categories, are individually configurable, and adapt readily to your ambient conditions. Their standardised modules ensure high levels of flexibility and expandability, so the solution grows to keep pace with your requirements.

RiMatrix data centre solutions are genuinely talented all-rounders, because they unite all relevant system pillars in a single bundle: rack, power, cooling, monitoring and security. They are future-proof and designed to solve current and future issues. Rittal’s configurator carries out plausibility checks to eliminate errors from the ordering process and ensure smooth-running operations. Your contact at Rittal incorporates all your individual requirements into the configurator and prepares a bespoke offer for you on this basis.

The chameleon-like Micro Data Center: The RiMatrix Micro Data Center gives you the flexibility you need to survive in the modern industrial world. The data centre can adapt to countless situations. Its space-saving solutions are documented in detail and can also be viewed prior to installation using augmented reality, so you can check the Micro Data Center’s spatial feasibility. CFD analyses allow you to visualise your individual cooling concepts.

Maximum flexibility, security and efficiency are coordinated to perfection for maximum individuality:

  • Blue e+: Cooling output from 1.6 kW to 5.8 kW: Indoor solutions for small to medium applications. Various rack sizes and cooling classes are available, precise-fit and easy to install (no pipework required). Passive cooling with patented hybrid cooling technology, with average energy savings of 30%.

  • LCU: Cooling output from 3 kW to 6.5 kW: Indoor or high-security solutions for medium IT applications. Carefully planned and installed with no loss of space. Integrated into the rack, the liquid cooling unit cools extremely efficiently and cost-effectively to help minimise your carbon footprint.

  • LCP: Cooling output from 12 kW to 53 kW: Indoor solution for medium to large IT applications. Carefully planned and easily scalable. Cooling is achieved with an air/refrigerant heat exchanger (LCP DX) or air/water heat exchanger (LCP CW). Cooling varies according to capacity utilisation. High cooling performance in a minimal space (1-4 racks).

    LCP DX: Ideal for cooling medium and high IT applications.

    LCP CW: Extremely high heat loads are transported out of the IT racks via air/water heat exchangers.

  • IT applications in the outdoor sector: Outdoor solutions for up to 5 KW of cooling. Robust and easy to install (no pipework required). Passive cooling with patented hybrid cooling technology, for average energy savings of 30%.

05 IT Cooling

Climate control concepts from Rittal cover the full spectrum of applications, from cooling a single rack through to entire data centers. Whether you opt for a fan system, refrigerant-based or water-based solution, reliability and optimum energy & cost efficiency are always key considerations.

Demand-based cooling provides the basis for optimum energy efficiency in the data center.

Diversity – the right climate control concept for every application:

Choose from 45 units, with cooling outputs ranging from 3 to 481 kW.

If you need a small cooling solution for the lower output range from 3 kW to 6.5 kW, opt for the split refrigerant-based cooling unit, which fits inside the IT rack for a space-saving solution. The compressor output adjusts to the current heat load inside the IT rack for optimum results. If larger heat loads are incurred, the split cooling unit with an overall output of up to 12 kW per rack can be bayed at the side of the IT rack. The product family also includes a water-based variant with up to 55 kW, either as rack or suite cooling. Depending on the application, the units may also be used in combination with cold/hot aisle containment. Consistent separation of the hot and cold air can boost energy efficiency and lower operating costs.

High-performance computers (HPC) demand a reliable climate control and power supply. For optimum cooling distribution inside the data center, Rittal’s high-performance cooling range includes precision climate control units with guaranteed temperature and humidity control accuracy, turnkey cooling containers, as well as atmospherically sealed chiller systems.


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