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Today’s ever-changing organizational landscape with massive technological innovations creates opportunities as it does risks. The growing need to scale up and the microservices architecture subsequently catering to that need often leads to increasing complexities. With the expanding number of users and devices and the highly volatile security and compliance challenges; the demand for a network architecture that can keep up with the newest demands of contemporary businesses, adapt and support rapidly changing devices, applications and users is at its peak.

AMP Connect partners with leading organizations to provide network services and solutions that can cater to the modern enterprise. Our networking solutions streamline and align with the needs of your organization to drive optimal business outcomes.

From managed services to network transformation, AMP caters to enterprises across their networks transformation lifecycles. Our focus is on ensuring that our partners have an unmistakably secure, agile and sophisticated enterprise network at their disposal.

Our offerings are

  • Network consulting and strategy
    For a smooth and secure transformation into a software-driven, always available enterprise network, experts conduct a detailed assessment of the existing network architecture. Based on this assessment and a detailed derivation of business requirements we plan, design and execute a holistic strategy that fits your business needs.
  • Network Support services
    We drive our partners’ journey to complete network transformation to an agile software-defined architecture with our radical enterprise network services support strategy. Our proactive support services reduce downtime risks while enabling effective utilization and cost-cutting across the board.
  • Industry based network service solutions
    We enable our partners in devising network solutions for the end customers based on their specific industry and its requirements. Our productized network solutions have enabled our partners to achieve their business potential and consistently improve their KPIs.

Cloud Managed Wireless Solutions

With remote working being the future and more and more organizations turning to it, communication and collaboration solutions have been once again thrown into the forefront of business optimization. However, these have and continue to remain a significant pillar in achieving business efficiency irrespective of the business domain, specifically with the growing digital associations that organizations indulge in. Keeping your workforce, customers and partners connected, happy and productive are critical and our collaboration solutions ensure smooth team, community and network collaborations, open up team silos and help free and effective communication with an organized structure and social features render everyone an opportunity to voice ideas and ensure that they turn into trackable actions.

At AMP we provide our partners with innovative solutions that are extremely user friendly and extensively customizable. Our industry-leading communication and collaboration software solutions have empowered our partners in transforming and modernizing the way organizations operate and improve team collaboration. With us, you will be able to boost your team productivity, minimize loss of time and team disconnects, and improve employee engagement.

Key factors to our unique approach

  • Security
    At AMP we ensure that our solution meets all industry standards of security and privacy encryptions to minimize the risk of any data security breaches.
  • Improved Adaptability
    We are able to provide our partners with a customizable solution that is easy to adapt to and embraced by employees, third party vendors and other stakeholders.
  • Support Continued customer service
    Our team continues to enable our partner organizations to attend to and troubleshoot any hurdles that customers may come across.
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